Antonio Afonso | Pavidur
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Pavidur is the most innovative decorative paving system developed in the last 30 years.

It provides the customer with a beautiful decorative product, but also adds the benefits of a continuous surface, resistant to extreme temperature changes and vehicle traffic.

The main advantages of Pavidur are its durability, great resistance to inclement weather and low maintenance cost. These techniques allow specialists in the world of construction, architects and other professionals, to design and incorporate a new concept in urban landscapes whether rustic or modern, for developments, promenades, parks, squares, pedestrian streets, recreational areas, swimming pools, fairgrounds, road traffic areas, airports, restaurants, hotels, shopping areas, car parks, etc…

Another of its main virtues is that it can be applied without the need for complicated works, and allows personalised drawings to be made on the paving with no limit to shape or design.