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Among the many different products we have at our disposal, we currently import and export more than 32 types of natural stone, in a wide variety of shapes and textures. Moreover, we manufacture decorative artificial stone, balustrades, uniquely designed pieces for the building trade, pillar decoration, capitals, bases, outdoor and garden furniture, etc.

Everything previously mentioned is provided with the simplicity accomplished by exposed white concrete and a classic finish of artificial stone, the original finish of the facade with the best selection of components and raw materials used in its manufacture, achieving a wide range of colour schemes in our products.

The interest to innovate and develop new technologies, contributed to the creation of a totally original product of our own creation called GLASSYDUR, a revolutionary material which consists of reinforced concrete with fiberglass, a combination that joins the strength of cement with the lightness of fiberglass, a high performance product in bending tension, highly resistant to impact and erosion and all of this within the thickness of 1cm approximately.

In our catalogue you will find all the materials organized in categories and we will be able to assist with any queries on any of our products. To do this you must choose from the main menu one of the two categories listed, products or advice and orders.